Austin Legal Podcast

Austin Legal Podcast

The Austin Legal Podcast is a podcast offering new and general information from the prospective of Joseph Aragon, an Austin Criminal Lawyer.   This Podcast can also be downloaded from Itunes and you can visit the podcast website by going to or clicking here.

New topic suggestions are always welcome and anyone is welcome to post a comment on itunes, or on the Austin Legal Podcast website.

You can read more about Joseph Aragon by visiting this page.

The Aragon Law Firm handles the full range of charges including DWI, DWLI, Assault, Theft, BWI, and all other misdemeanors and felonies.  You can call the Aragon Law Firm at 512-827-7767 to schedule a free consultation with a licensed Austin Criminal Lawyer.

Primary office located at 1307 Nueces Street, Austin, Texas.

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