Every Criminal Defense Lawyer knows this person.  This person knows vicious murderers that have had all their charges dropped in 2 weeks.  They know petty thieves that have been railroaded by the system, and sent to prison.  They know all the Lawyers in town and know that they are there to sell you up the river as well.  This is the Jail House Lawyer.  

The Jail House lawyer most often encounters those who are in custody, but sometimes they get out of jail/prison and are lucky enough to have a free brain to poison.  This person, to spite no formal legal training, somehow has credibility with people charged with crimes.  Call it a backlash from the slimy Criminal Defense Attorney reputation, or call it a need/desperation to feel important/useful coupled with a person’s need to escape the situation they find themselves in.  No matter the reason, every real lawyer will have to go to battle with this person from time to time.  

Real Lawyers understand that every case is different.  Real Lawyers know that there are factors that can impact someone’s case that are completely out of left field.  A Lawyer knows that very few cases are as simple as they may look from the beginning, or from the outside.  

There is a reason why people hire attorneys.  If a Jail House Lawyer really knew what they were talking about, they would be going with you to court and telling you what to do.  A good Criminal Defense Lawyer sticks by their clients even when their family has left their side, when their friends are long gone, and there to answer the questions no one else wants to.  A Real Lawyer Zealously defends their clients.