Austin Jail Release Attorney

Jail Release Help for You or a Loved One

You can see if the person you are trying to get out of Jail is in fact in custody by going to the Travis County Inmate Search Page.  Once their arrest is confirmed, the Aragon Law Firm goes to work to secure their Jail Release.  To understand what a Jail Release is, you should understand what a Bond is, and what it is meant to do.  A bond is meant to ensure that the person being charged with the crime, will return to court.  To secure that bond, the Defendant can post the bond amount in full with cash at the Jail, they can secure a bond from a Bondsman and have them post the bond with the jail, or they can be granted a Personal Bond.  In Travis County, a Defendant may be granted a Personal Bond without an attorney, but not always.  If your friend or loved one has been arrested, they are going to need a Criminal Defense Attorney.  If a Criminal Defense Attorney is hired while the Defendant is in Custody, that Attorney can attempt to get that Defendant out of jail through the Personal Bond process.  Bail Bondsman are sometimes needed, but in many case, an Attorney can secure a Personal Bond.

The entire amount paid for a Jail Release with the Aragon Law Firm is applied toward the total Legal Fee.  The Aragon Law Firm answers phones 24 hours a day for Jail Releases.

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