The only thing good about this story is that the one man who has the most right to be outraged by the outcome, is not.  This last week in Williamson County, Judge Ken Anderson was sentenced to 10 days in the Williamson County Jail as punishment for Contempt of Court and was stripped of his law license.


Not enough.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, you get to see the spectrum of punishments given to people for their crimes, across multiple counties.  I know, for example, what cases can be negotiated for a better plea bargain in various counties, and which cases cannot.  I don’t always agree with the lowest or highest end of punishments that are given.  This case is special.  Mr. Anderson was described as being pivotal to the result of Michael Morton’s conviction.  To put his 10 days of Jail time in prospective.  Williamson County Jail generally counts every day as 2 for 1.  They also count when Mr. Anderson was booked in.  That is 2 days right there.  That also means that the 8 remaining days are actually 4 more real days.  Mr. Anderson was also allowed to turn himself in in December, a luxury in Williamson County.  Essentially, the punishment was insignificant.  All it really did was it prevented him from poisoning more Criminal cases in Williamson County.


Ken Anderson gets 10 days in Jail.