It has been reported recently that there was an officer involved shooting in Austin, Texas, and a man was shot in the back of the neck.  The facts as they have been presented to the public.

– The Detective was in plain clothes.  Follow up investigation robbery at a bank.

– Jackson, the man who was shot and killed.  Approached the bank but could not get in because the door was locked.

– Jackson came back, and bank employee talked with him, and apparently Jackson presented fake ID.

– The bank employee reported the fake ID to the Detective.

– The Detective went out to talk to Jackson.

– Conversation lasted for about 2-3 minutes before Jackson ran on foot.

– The Detective took chase.

– Detective did not call in the chase.

– Detective flagged down a driver, and somehow had the driver assist in the search.

– Detective caught up to the man under a bridge.

– Detective said a fight ensued which resulted in one shot fired into the back of Jackson’s neck.


There have been two stories in the Austin American Statesman regarding this story, and more are likely to come.  On the surface, things don’t quite match up.  It leaves a lot of room for people to speculate.  It is also very likely a very difficult situation for APD in the wake of the criticism they have received lately.

While APD has indicated that there would be an investigation, I will offer one option.  Maybe this was an accidental shooting.  This could have been an arrest that was trying to be effectuated, and an accidental discharge.  The lack of information about what actually occurred under the bridge is a little unsettling.  Primarily because I am sure the Detective has been questioned, so there is at least one story of the circumstances.  Is that story favorable to him?  Is it not favorable to him?

If the Detectives version of events is plausible, and favorable to him, and to APD in the broader picture, why have we not heard it?  If the Detectives version of the events is NOT plausible, and not favorable to him, or to APD, than we should also hear that.  By APD failing to disclose the Detectives specific version of the facts, leaves people to speculate their motives.  This is dangerous.


You can read the original Austin American Statesman Article by clicking here, or clicking the link below.