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In Austin, a Possession of Marijuana, POM charge, does not have to define your future.  You need to hire an experienced Austin Marijuana Lawyer.  At the Aragon Law Firm we explore every possible way to creatively avoid a Possession of Marijuana, POM, conviction.

A person commits an offense of Possession of Marijuana, POM, if a person knowingly or intelligently possesses a usable quantity of marijuana.
The punishment ranges for Possession of Marijuana, POM, charges are determined by the quantity:

Now that you know how a Possession of Marijuana (POM) charge is determined in Texas, you need to know what the State can ask for punishment if you are convicted of this crime.

Misdemeanors Confinement Fine
Class C None $500 Max
Class B Up to 180 days in County Jail $2,000 Max
Class A Up to 1 Year in County Jail $4,000 Max
Felonies Confinement Fine
State Jail 180 days to 2 Years in State Jail $10,000 Max
3rd Degree 2-10 Years in Prison $10,000 Max
2nd Degree 2-20 Years in Prison $10,000 Max
1st Degree 5-99 Years in Prison $10,000 Max
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Section 481.121 of the Texas Health & Safety Code references the specific laws relating to Possession of Marijuana (POM) in Texas

So you have been charged with Possession of Marijuana, POM. Now what?
There are many factors that go into the evaluation of a Possession of Marijuana, POM, case, and ultimately picking an Austin Marijuana Lawyer to represent you.
First, you have questions. Like:
– How will this affect my job?
– Will I be going to Jail?
– How long is this going to take?
– How much is this going to cost me?

Second, your Attorney will have questions. Like:
– How were you stopped? (if this was the result from a traffic stop)
– Why did the Officer approach you? (if this was not the result from a traffic stop)
– Did the Officer have a warrant? (if your home was searched)
– Did you ever give consent to search?
– Was there a drug dog used?
– What did you say to the Officer?
You need a professional to sit down with you, explain all of these questions and why they are important.

While there are many worse crimes than Possession of Marijuana, POM, there are other factors to think about when formulating your defense that an Austin Marijuana Lawyer should explain. For example, if you are convicted of Possession of Marijuana, your Driver’s License will be suspended for 6 months. Another crime that you need to be aware of if you are charged with Possession of Marijuana, POM, is Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, or PDP.  A Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, PDP, is a charge that is not always charged against those who have been alleged to be in Possession of Marijuana, POM, even though they may have been in possession of Paraphernalia at the time of their ticketing or arrest.  Call an Austin Marijuana Lawyer today to find out how this lower charge can actually benefit your Possession of Marijuana charge.

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If you would like to learn more about reforming the laws in the state of Texas, visit www.texasnorml.org. You can also educate yourself on the current state of Marijuana politics and news by following the NORML show live – the Official Marijuana Podcast from NORML by clicking the link below.