It is not uncommon for me to get a call from a prospective client who recently finds out that they have an active warrant.  This is usually from some sort of mailer, or from a merciful Police Officer.  The mailer is typically from a Municipal Court, notifying the person of an upcoming Warrant Roundup, or it is from an Attorney Advertisement.  In rare instances, a person gets pulled up for a minor traffic violation, and the officer does that person the favor if telling them that they have an active warrant, as opposed to arresting that person for that Warrant.  In all of these situations, it is better to take care of that Warrant on your own terms.  The alternative is often more expensive, and much more of a hassle.

To understand how to take care of your Active Warrant, you need to understand what a Bond is.  When a Warrant is issued in Travis County, a Bond amount is assigned to it.  That bond amount is determined by a judge, and will take into account the person’s criminal record, and the facts of the allegations in the immediate charge.  The purpose of the a Bond is to make sure that someone returns to court to answer for their charge.  The more extensive someone’s criminal history and the more serious the offense is, the higher the bond amount will be.  The logic is that the person has more to lose if the bond amount is higher.  This is seriously flawed logic, since most high bonds are satisfied with a Bail Bondsman.  The only incentive for someone to NOT skip out on their bond when they have used a Bail Bondsman, is to prevent a Bounty Hunter coming after them.  The money that they have already paid the Bail Bondsman is gone forever once it is paid to them, so there is no financial incentive.

With most Criminal Charges, you are going to want to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney.  Knowing this, there is nothing lost by calling around to various Attorneys to get a quote on representation, and also on securing you a Personal Bond on your Warrant.  A Personal Bond is a mechanism by which you can satisfy your Bond, by getting a Judge’s trust that you will return to court to answer for your charge.  A Criminal Defense Attorney is not always required to secure a personal bond.  In some circumstances, the Courts, through their “Pre-Trial Services” departments, will assist people in obtaining a personal bond.  This relieves the County from having to house people charges with low level charges.

By calling an Austin Criminal Defense Attorney, you may be able to increase your chances of securing a Personal Bond. In the context of Active Warrants, this is significant because it may allow someone who has a Warrant avoid the inconvenient and embarrassing arrest process.  Instead, it allows the person submit themselves to the Travis County Sheriff and complete the arrest process without having to change into jail clothing, be subjected to a personal search, and even avoid ever stepping one foot into a Jail Cell.  It is also significantly quicker to go through this process, rather than being formally arrested.

If you find yourself with an active warrant, find a Criminal Defense Attorney, and save yourself time, embarrassment, and the hassle of being formally arrested.